What Is Left
Of Us?

Raw Material Company
Dakar, Senegal



EN            We tried an experiment on writing and on the becoming of text in a performance context. “What Is Left Of Us?” is a series of instructions, fragments & poems presented as a set of 57 small printed cards displayed on a pedestal. Visitors were invited to play the instructions and pick up the cards for their own use. A project arranged by Untitled with contributions from Ava Hess, Faridah Folawiyo, Fanny Wendt Höjer,  in response to the “Corpus Callosum” conversation held during the Raw Academie Session 4. Presented at Raw Material Company, Dak’art OFF, may 5, 2018.
EN            Nous avons tenté une expérience en écriture et sur le devenir du texte en contexte de performance. "What Is Left Of Us?" — LITT. Que reste-t-il de nous? — est une série d'instructions, de fragments d’écritures automatiques et de poèmes présentés sous la forme de 57 petites cartes imprimées installées sur un piédestal. Nous avons ensuite invité les visiteurs à emporter les cartes ou à exécuter les instructions à leur convenance. Un projet organisé par Untitled avec des contributions d'Ava Hess, Faridah Folawiyo, Fanny Wendt Höjer, dans le cadre de la restitution de "Corpus Callosum", 4è Session de Raw Academie. Présenté à Raw Material Company, Dak’art OFF, 5 mai 2018.

︎Raw Academie Session 4: Corpus Callosum, Directed by Tracey Rose.
IMAGES—Installation views, “What Is Left Of Us?” Raw Material Company, Dakar. CREDITS—Untitled, Raw Material Company.

“What Is Left Of Us?”


Pick your person.
Rub your nose on their nose and say:
نويف مع نويف

Rub your forehead on their forehead and say:
جبيها مع جبيها

Rub your right cheek on their right cheek
and repeat on left side while saying:
حنيك مع حنيك

For the rest of the body what will you say?

Breathe in,
smell chaos.

Look at yourself,

Breathe out,
remember order.

Look at yourself,

Breathe in,
Smell order.

Look at the person next to you,
Make eye contact,

Breathe out,
Remember chaos

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